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Age: 5 - 100

Kajal Esotiya

SKPSS-Id: 87

Date of Birth: 02/10/1988

Occupation: Software Test Engineer

Education: B.E

Viren Dadhaniya

SKPSS-Id: 305

Date of Birth: 03/02/1993

Occupation: BUSINESS

Education: MCA

Urvashi Kanani

SKPSS-Id: 218

Date of Birth: 06/01/1992

Occupation: Associate Consultant

Education: BCCA (B.Com with Computer Application)

Anandi Ghetia

SKPSS-Id: 304

Date of Birth: 23/09/1994

Occupation: Hospital

Education: Bachelor of dental surgery

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SKPSS-Id: 203

Date of Birth: 01/05/1992

Occupation: .

Education: .

Bhaumik bhut

SKPSS-Id: 296

Date of Birth: 03/07/1990

Occupation: service


chandani talavia

SKPSS-Id: 297

Date of Birth: 18/07/1995

Occupation: Keniya eye hospital

Education: Diploma in optometry and B.E in optometry

Viral Makwana

SKPSS-Id: 298

Date of Birth: 19/06/1993

Occupation: Job

Education: B.E. Extc

Kishan Makadiya

SKPSS-Id: 205

Date of Birth: 21/02/1994

Occupation: Service

Education: B.E (Mechanical)