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Janki Makadia

SKPSS-Id: 331

Date of Birth: 16/06/1995

Occupation: Mandarin (Chinese) language trainer & Interpreter

Education: B. A. (Sociology) Mithibai College, HSK LEVEL 3 (Chinese International Exam )

Kumar Jagani

SKPSS-Id: 323

Date of Birth: 14/10/1995

Occupation: Business

Education: 1) B.C.A. 2) B.Com

Hardik Faldu

SKPSS-Id: 143

Date of Birth: 19/09/1987

Occupation: Job

Education: Diploma Electrical Engineer

Jignesh Surani

SKPSS-Id: 328

Date of Birth: 11/04/1988

Occupation: Import of Yarn

Education: B. Com

Sameer Koradiya

SKPSS-Id: 211

Date of Birth: 21/06/1992

Occupation: Private Job

Education: MCA

Denish Santoki

SKPSS-Id: 30

Date of Birth: 03/05/1990

Occupation: Business

Education: MBA

Sanket Dalsania

SKPSS-Id: 288

Date of Birth: 04/06/1994

Occupation: Automation Software Developer, Munich, Germany

Education: MS in Industrial Automation & Power

Smit Vaishnani

SKPSS-Id: 281

Date of Birth: 10/03/1995

Occupation: Sr. SEO Manager - Digital Marketing

Education: B.E Electronics

Shree Patidar Seva Samaj

Shree Patidar Seva Samaj was established in 1964 and is located in Mumbai. Among various objects, main aim of the trust is to provide lodging facility..

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